Flexible options


    Give the gift of membership

    Gift a month, quarter, or year of 9 free hours/month, and members-only perks.

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    Let them choose

    Reservations, merchandise, or memberships, on their schedule.

    The perfect anytime gift

    Gift a round with friends

    Reservations gift cards with amounts in hourly increments.

    Gift a great round

something for every golfer

  • Fit their schedule

    Our private golf simulator suites are available for reservations 24/7. Get in a quick practice or play a round with a group.

  • they'll have options

    Redeemable for reservations, memberships, merchandise, or lessons. There's something for every golfer in your life.

  • Send it instantly

    We'll deliver your gift card to the recipient quickly and securely. And it never expires so they can take their time!

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a physical card?

No, our gift cards are digital! They'll be emailed to you or directly to the recipient and we deliver it securely, shortly after purchase.

What can I use gift card for?

You can use gift cards to purchase anything on our site. We just make it easy to gift something specific, like reservations or memberships with certain denominations. However, even if you purchase a reservations gift card, the recipient could use it for anything on the site.

How much should I purchase?

It depends on what you want to gift! For example, if you wanted the recipient to be able to get a one month membership, choose the Membership Gift Card. Or, if you wanted to gift a 3-hour reservation, choose a Reservations Gift Card and select 'Three Hours'.

If you're not sure, choose the anytime gift card.

Does the balance decline over time?

Nope! There will be plenty of time for the recipient to decide how they wish to spend it!